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  1. AT&T 8525 PDA

    AT&T 8525 PDA


    Under the hood, the 8525 features 128MB of embedded memory and 64MB RAM, running on a 400 MHz Samsung processor. Up front, the 240 x 320 LCD touch-screen supports over 65,000 colors, while the rear of the device houses a 2.0 megapixel camera. Learn More
  2. Samsung MM-A900M Ace

    Samsung MM-A900M Ace


    The MM-A900m offers great-looking design with the ability to download a rich selection of content directly to the phone. Learn More
  3. 22" Syncmaster LCD Monitor

    22" Syncmaster LCD Monitor


    The wide, 16:10 format of SAMSUNG's 226BW digital/Analog widescreen LCD monitor gives you plenty of room for all your computer applications and multiple images. DC 3000:1 contrast ratio creates crisp, easy-to-view images and gaming graphics, without ghosting or blurring. Complete with Microsoft® Vista® Premium certification and advanced dual interface for both analog digital video signals, the 226BW monitor is future-ready. Learn More
  4. Computer


    From: $447.98

    To: $4,477.92

    Make a computer Learn More
  5. My Computer

    My Computer

    From: $635.98

    To: $3,786.70

    test description Learn More

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